Millionaire Mindset Intensive by T. Harv Eker in Singapore

I was at T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mindset Intensive Seminar in Singapore. A group of us travelled from KL to Singapore to attend Harv Eker’s MMI program.  It was a 3 days program.  Boy, have I learnt much about sales from him.  In the US, this program is free for those who purchase his book and I truly am amazed at the value he is giving to people who attend his MMI program.

He shared much about the concept of Money people have and he also empowered people to believe in themselves and how they can be financially free and wealthy.  I really like the JARS concept that he shared and he gave every participant a 90 days program.

Right now my boys are using the jars.  As Money & You has taught us, Wealth is a Habit.  Everything in life is a habit.  To create wealth, make it a habit…

There were about 5000 people at the seminar.

Meeting with Clinton Swayne in Singapore

Right now, I am in Singapore.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet with Clinton Swayne from US.

I have heard so much about him and his training programs from my friends who have attended his programs.  Yesterday, the experience with him was awesome.  He shared so much about he does and how he became a trainer and how he is different from the rest.  Yes, watch out for this gentleman he is the upcoming Business and Success Coach from America.  Currently, he is already recognized as the #1 Business Simulation Trainer in the World.

I have decided to be part of his organization.  I believe he is someone whom I can learn much from.

In three simple activity, he managed to show us how to change our state of mind in a split second, what are important investment, the importance of contracts in business, etc.

Will update more when he will be in Asia again.