The Secret Behind “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction”

Since the movie – The Secret – came out, many of us are aware about the Law of Attraction and many of us are so excited about it.  How can we all attract what we want in our lives? How do we do it?

Books, Videos, Seminars, Programs kept appearing on the topic…..Soon after that…there were talks about THE SECRET BEHIND THE SECRET….what is The Secret behind The Secret? I guess before even goin there.  Let me ask you a question? Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Do you think it works? Let me share with you some of my very own experiences and all I can say is IT WORKS. Hmm…so many to share – where do I start?

Well, firstly most significant one is the T. Harv. Eker seminar in Singapore.  I wanted to attend his program so much as I learnt that he is a very successful personal development guru in North America right now.  The thing is this – The original dates for his program were on the same weekend as Money&You, and it is THE Money&You that I will be presenting.

So I was rather unhappy that I wont be able to attend Harv’s program.  What happen was I was chatting online with one of my closest friend – Jacy.  Jacy is the person coordinating Money&You in Malaysia and she was saying that she is calling around for the possibility of changing Money&You dates and hotel venue.  I told her, let’s not do that.  Let’s manifest and create that Harv’s program will change dates.  Within 2 weeks, we heard news from the Organizer that Harv’s program has moved to a week earlier.  Boy…we were excited about the change….Now, we can be at Harv’s program and I can be presenting at Money&You.

Annie and Harv Eker (Singapore)

So how did we do that? How did we manage to change the dates?  Now, in your mind, you might say – yea..just a coincidence…well, what about this story?

I wanted to meet up with Clinton Swaine as I heard so much about him from my Money&You friends.  I began sending out my intention of wanting to meet him.  A few days later, Jacy, yes, Jacy, called me and told me that Clinton will be in Singapore and she is planning to arrange for a small gathering for Clinton to meet some Money&You graduates and would I be interested to go?  Well, YES!

So what is the secret behind The Law of Attraction?  Besides knowing what you want in life and creating your visualization and vision boards (dream boards)…Its your emotions and most importantly, that you believe it will happen.  Its you flowing with the Universe.  It took me a while to get it right…right now, I can manifest things within minutes and seconds….

Well, of course, its not perfect yet however, its something that is working for me…

So…I would encourage you – get a copy of The Secret – watch it and start practicing…

Your dreams are closer than you think!

Instructor Training Program with Kerry Zurier

Another great experience of my life.  Having the opportunity to learn from Kerry, our Lead Instructor for ITP.  I wished the program would have lasted more than 3 days.  Kerry has given me clarity to why certain things are done in a certain way in Money&You.  Through the process I learnt so much about myself.

I guess life is a journey of discovery ourselves again.  Somehow, as we all grow up, we lose ourselves in the process.  I have always wanted to learn how to create games and this ITP, the universe answered my prayer.  Kerry guided us and we had the opportunity to create games with our teams.

Having trained under Kerry is also so different.  Seeing her being the 1st female instructor inspires me and gives me the motivation to be a Money&You instructor.  It’s like she has open the path for others and one of them is me.  I too feel a sense of closeness with her.  I guess maybe its a female thing.

ITP – Im lookin forward to the next one and cant wait to continue with my growth…